Emergency Care

We provide a full emergency service, with 24-hour coverage 365 days a year. There is always a vet on call to provide emergency advice and visits if needed.

If you have an emergency with your horse and think you need a veterinary visit or telephone advice, please call the usual office number of 0191 603 11 22.

Out of hours calls (outside office hours of 08.30-17.00 Monday – Friday), will be answered by an operator who will take your details and pass them on to the on-call vet who will call you back.


Equine emergencies encompass a broad range of conditions but the following are some of the most common ailments we see.

A common emergency complaint we see is equine colic. Known as the “c-word” among horse owners, colic can be quite an alarming experience. Symptoms include pawing the ground, flank watching, and rolling, among others.

We always recommend a veterinary visit in colic cases, but is important to remember that the vast majority of colicky horses are easily treated medically and will not require surgery. Visits are important to provide pain relief in all cases and to identify the emergency cases while they are still treatable.

If you see any symptoms of colic in your horse please call us for advice as soon as possible